Hurricane Laura 

Hurricane Laura hit South Louisiana 12 days ago and the damage to the communities in its path has been overwhelming.  We are so grateful for Reach Out America for bringing Disaster Relief to us. 

At this time, the needs are still so overwhelming that Reach Out America has decided to open additional distribution sites for supplies.   

Beginning this week there will be three stand-alone Reach Out America Points of Distribution (listed below).  Also listed below are the supplies that are desperately needed in those areas.

Donated supplies will be accepted at any of these locations.  Please contact Reach Out America On Location Representative, Sandi Davis 225.328.4409 to coordinate when and where you can bring supplies, volunteer, or answer any additional questions you may have.  

Remember, too, you can also donate at    

We thank our District Superintendent, Bro. Kevin Cox for leading the way and advising us in these efforts.

Mark Foster,

Louisiana Disaster Relief Coordinator and Gulf Coast Coordinator ROA

First Pentecostal Church
320 Bunker Road
Lake Charles LA. 70615
Eastwood Pentecostal Church
2501 Opelousas Street
Lake Charles, La 70601
Indian Village United Pentecostal Church
4480 Hwy 383
Kinder, La 70648
The Pentecostal Church of DeQuincy
304 W 4th Street
DeQuincy, LA 70633

List of supplies desperately needed:

Cleaning Supplies/Miscellaneous
       Mosquito Spray *In high demand
       Gas Containers
       Paper Towels
Small Charcoal Grills
      Lighter Fluid
Food Items
       Peanut Butter
       Individual packages of cookies and snacks
       Pop Top Canned Goods
      *Food items is in high demand
Personal Hygiene Items
      Shaving Cream


Baby Items
      Baby Wipes
      Baby Food and Formula